"Rem Sleep Can And Will Keep You Forever Young!"

Rem sleep, also referred to as Rapid Eye Movement sleep, is a critical part of natural anti aging. The fact that most people (myself included) are too busy these days, the stages of sleep have taken a back seat to their priorities.

 Perhaps shopping for the best mattress can help? Or perhaps the desire to be forever young is lacking in many individuals today. Having stated that, it's no wonder that natural anti aging is often not desired by people until their health has been compromised.

Thankfully, I'm proud to say that my desire to be forever young through natural anti aging is what's made me create this site. I hope that all readers of this site can appreciate the simple techniques that I've outlined here to help lead you to the fountain of youth. If restorative sleep is the first step to being younger, how much easier can it get? It's a no brainer, right?

I will also tell you why the best wrinkle creams don't do as much in the anti aging department and why quality rest or naps can do much more for you to stay young. In a nutshell, the best wrinkle creams can sometimes be doing more harm to you than good. Often times they layer your skin with a coating that helps keep in moisture but at a high price. Your skin is therefore unable to get rid of toxins through the pores since the pores of the skin are covered. As a result, natural anti aging does not occur. In fact, accelerated aging occurs.

My wife learned that lesson the hard way and she was very lucky to have learned it early on. She's as obsessed with anti aging as I am and we both have learned that the stages of sleep are the way to go on our quest to being forever young through natural anti aging.

But how much easier can natural anti aging be than just getting through all of the five stages of sleep on a consistent, nightly basis? After all, rem sleep is the fifth stage of sleep and is not all that difficult for most of us to achieve.

For those who are suffering from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia or lack of sleep, I'll introduce you to remedies to those problems for a better chance of attaining rem sleep consistently. There are sleep apnea cures and also insomnia cures out there that can help you to lead a more youthful life. Help is also available to those who experience sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, lack of sleep, those who are on sleep medications or prescription sleep aids, and for those who are seeking natural sleep aids.

If rem sleep is the fifth stage of the sleep cycle, what are the other stages of sleep? And how are they considered to be a form of natural anti aging?

The Stages of Sleep And Natural Anti Aging

Natural anti aging is achieved through the five stages of sleep as the body utilizes this time to allow you to heal from the rigors of daily life. Rem sleep is the stage of sleep when the body's voluntary functions are temporarily paralyzed and the healing begins. The every day stress and chaos are melted away as your mind and body are at one in a peaceful bliss. Rem sleep rejuvenates and restores an individual. After all, they say sleep is the best medicine, right?

The stages of sleep have been classified into five stages. The five stages of sleep are as follows:

  • Drowsiness: this is the first stage of sleep in which you close your eyes and feel drowsy. It lasts about 15 minutes.
  • Light sleep: this is the second stage of sleep in which your muscles relax and sometimes twitch as you begin to enter deep sleep; this is the beginning of the sleep cycle; on average, 50% of a sleeper's night is spent on this stage of sleep
  • The third and fourth stages of sleep are referred to as deep sleep or delta sleep; this cycle lasts about 15 to 30 minutes in most people and this is the deepest of all stages of sleep (fourth stage is the deeper version of stage three sleep)
  • Rem sleep is the fifth stage of sleep

    and is the stage of sleep when dreams occur. Rem sleep also causes the body to be in a temporary state of paralysis while you dream. Your eye movement speeds up, your breathing also accelerates, and your muscles will tense and twitch

    The stages of sleep all last about 80 to 100 minutes in length and repeat themselves. A good sleeper can experience about four or five cycles of the five stages of sleep. The stages of sleep are very important, no doubt, but recent research has begun to show that rem sleep is most effective at keeping one young forever. Young forever as in it rejuvenates a person's body AND mind.

    Natural anti aging cannot lead to the fountain of youth without rem sleep and the other stages of sleep!

    Lack Of Sleep

    A lack of rem sleep can sometimes be attributed to the fact that you may not be sleeping on the best mattress. Or it can be caused by a multitude of different reasons such as stress, side effects of medication, large intake of caffeine, not a sufficient amount of darkness in the room, too much noise, etc.

    Your rem sleep is obviously impacted negatively when you're suffering from a lack of sleep. The restorative benefits that your body undergoes during rem sleep and the other stages of sleep are critical to your overall health and your mission to extend your life.

    Lack Of Sleep And How I Cured It

    Rem sleep was difficult for me to achieve for a few years and I wondered if there was something wrong with me. I refused to take sleep medications to fall asleep because of their harmful side effects. I was fortunate enough to cure my lack of sleep with an excellent program that I purchased for a great price. Since I'm speaking from experience, I encourage you to look into it if you're suffering from insomnia or general lack of sleep. The product did wonders for me and I believe it can do wonders for many others. For more information Click Here!

    Anti aging research has often times linked a lack of sleep to accelerated aging and sometimes premature death. The choice is obvious in my opinion. The stages of sleep should be experienced every night by every one in order to live a vibrant, youthful, healthy life.

    A lack of sleep can not only cause hormones such as cortisol and human growth hormone (also referred to as HGH) to spin out of control, it can also lead to sexual dysfunction in men and women as it can affect a person's libido. If you don't already know, a person's sex drive usually declines steadily after age 30 (on average). But due to the fact that many people nowadays are working harder and sleeping less, they're not getting their share of rem sleep. A lack of sleep has shown to decrease libido at an alarming rate in the past 25 years. That has lead to more and more men relying on erectile dysfunction medicines all while putting their health at risk at the cost of potentially frightening side effects.

    A lack of sleep isn't always the cause of hormonal issues but many times, it is a major contributing factor. If your main goal is to reverse aging or be young forever, then experiencing the stages of sleep everyday is a great way to begin. Adequate amounts of sleep will help you rejuvenate your body and mind in ways that are astounding. In other words, get your share of rem sleep and you'll begin the stages of natural anti aging that will help you live a long and healthy life.

    Rem sleep is as important to achieve as a lack of sleep is to avoid!

    The Best Mattress For You Can Lead To Rem Sleep And Natural Anti Aging

    The stages of sleep can be experienced in their entirety with more frequency through the help of the best mattress. The best mattress is one that's perfect for the individual. It may be soft, sturdy, or somewhere in between. But the quality of the sleep that's achieved through the best mattress is what natural anti aging is all about. After all, the stages of sleep rejuvenate bodies and minds and allow us to reverse aging in many instances.

    If the stages of sleep are experienced by most through quality sleep, then being forever young is the by-product!

    The best mattress is what can lead to a high quality of sleep.

    If the best mattress is your key to youth and beauty, why not take a step to find the best mattress for yourself? Rem sleep and the stages of sleep can be achieved easier with a higher quality of sleep. Considering the fact that most beds last a person about 10 years or so, why not invest in the best mattress for youself and experience the wonders of natural anti aging during that 10 year span?

    Logically speaking, how wonderful can your sleep be if you're unable to experience the five stages of sleep with ease and consistency?

    Therefore, the best mattress for you is the best way to achieve rem sleep and the five stages of sleep comfortably in order for you to be forever young and experience natural anti aging through its easiest method!