"Zone Diet And Its MANY Great Anti Aging Secrets....!"

Zone Diet, created by Dr. Barry Sears, is one of the best anti aging secrets around. The modern fad has been diet plans and weight loss detox strategies to make people lose weight and be thin.

 However, this diet is unique in that it a diet plan that is ideal for weight loss detox, it can be an excellent diabetic diet plan (since Type 2 diabetes is on the rise these days), and it can be an anti aging diet all at the same time.

So in other words, it's an ideal diet plan if you desire life extension.

The Zone Diet is an ideal longevity diet because it uses a ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% good fats to formulate meals. The reason for this is that the ratio helps to regulate the hormone levels within the body, which in turn, leads to optimum health, rejuvenation, prevention of congestive heart failure (CHF), and even REVERSE AGING. Essentially, the Zone Diet is a low calorie diet. Anti aging research has shown (in almost every single study performed) that a decrease in consumption of calories leads to life extension. It also keeps meat consumption at a minimum. It's not as difficult as you think so please read on.....for the sake of a long healthy life.....

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Zone Diet Is More Than Just A Weight Loss Detox Plan

Since the Zone Diet is a form of calorie restriction diet, weight loss is the by product of the diet. The diet can certainly be referred to as a weight loss detox plan, a diabetic diet plan, or a longevity diet (also referred to as an anti aging diet). The versatility of this diet is extremely impressive because it is geared towards optimum health and even ultimate anti aging and not just weight loss, weight loss detox, or anything else in between.

Weight loss detox is an excellent result or side effect of the Zone Diet!! Please note that weight loss detox is not the same as weight loss. Weight loss is just that; loss of weight as a result of losing water, minerals, fat, muscle, or whatever else that leads to reduction in body weight. Weight loss detox is the loss of weight as a result of toxins or excrement being expelled or eliminated from the body. For example, Zone diet can be a great way to get rid of toxins that are built up in the body (such as waste built up in the colon). As your body eliminates the toxins, your body will lose weight in the process and this is the process known as weight loss detox. Loss of weight as a result of detoxifying or detoxification. Zone diet is an excellent weight loss detox plan because it promotes the consumption of many superfoods (also called anti aging foods, or super foods).

This diet's secret weapon to achieve weight loss detox is FIBER. Basically the fiber (also referred to as roughage) is the best way to fill up your stomach, which makes you feel full with less comsumption of calories, and it cleans out your insides. In other words, the greater your intake of fiber, the more weight loss detox you can expect. The fiber that's consumed from anti aging foods or super foods (such as spinach, kale, broccoli, bell peppers, squash, celery, carrots, beets, sprouts just to name a few) will help to eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Build up of impacted fecal matter, large amounts of metal build up in the body, and even excess accumulation of pharmaceutical drugs in the body can be expelled from the body via the Zone diet.

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Zone Diet Is More Than Just A Diabetic Diet Plan

Zone diet is also an excellent diabetic diet plan because it regulates the hormone insulin, which is the hormone responsible for sugar and glucose production in the body. If the insulin levels begin to spike in the body, a person usually becomes a type 2 diabetic. As a side note, type 1 diabetes sufferers are the ones who are born with diabetes. The anti aging foods promoted by this diet plan are the main reason that it is an excellent diabetic diet plan. One of the anti aging secrets to the zone diet's success with being an excellent diabetic diet plan is FIBER!! That's right. Fiber again.

Since this diet promotes foods that are high in fiber (such as fresh vegetables, nuts, and granola, just to name a few), the body excretes or eliminates the sugars and other toxins from the body. The more fiber the body consumes, the more toxins are expelled by the body. But consumption of sugar must be kept at a minimum if you have Type 2 diabates. Therefore, the fruits that you consume as part of Zone diet must be closely monitores since fruits can cause a spike in blood sugar.

And yes, you did read correctly: SUGAR IS A TOXIN!!!!!

The Zone diet controls the body's insulin production through the use of its 40-30-30 ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and good fats. Anti aging research has shown that the insulin production in our bodies has gotten out of control as a result of a diet that's rich in sugars, salts, and fats. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is notoriously comprised of high levels of sugars, salts, and fats. As a result of the Standard American Diet, Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise, congestive heart failure is on the rise, obesity is at an all time high, and multiple forms of cancers are also on the rise. I'd also like to point out that erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions have increased. Do you really want to take multiple prescription drugs for multiple health problems with horrible side effects linked to each medication? As a preventive medicine and a complete diet, the Zone diet is an excellent way to keep diseases, aging, and other inflammatory conditions away.

Here's a great explanation of what an anti aging diet is and how Zone diet measures up.....

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Zone Diet Plus Anti Aging Secrets Equals LIFE EXTENSION

Anti aging research has shown that the Zone diet's many anti aging secrets can:

  • get rid of belly fat and add many youthful years to your life (and make you look vibrant and great, of course)
  • help you consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables (since eating fresh foods is highly promoted by the diet)
  • eliminate inflammation and inflamatory effects on the body (which lead to accelerated aging and all other diseases)
  • regulate insulin within the body (which can prevent Type 2 Diabetes and it also prevents collagen from breaking down)
  • regulate the production of the hormone, cortisol, keeping wrinkles away (increased cortisol can lead to wrinkles)
  • regulate the level of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body (HGH keeps the skin youthful and wrinkle free)
  • prevent prostate cancer and also prevent other cancers (to keep you healthier, longer)
  • reverse heart disease (which will keep you alive, vibrant, youthful, and energetic)
  • cure or reverse erectile dysfunction and a list of other sexual dysfunctions and sexual disorders
  • control the right amount of testosterone and estrogen hormones within the body (which prevents premature aging)
  • eliminate high blood pressure (which will give you a boost of stamina, youthful vigor, vitality, and endurance)
  • cure hypertension (which can lead to better sleep, youthful energy, and life extension)
  • reduce the chances of congestive heart failure (which will keep you alive with a young heart for much longer)

    Unlike other diets, this longevity diet is concerned with weight loss, weight loss detox, and overall optimum health. Many other diets are all about rapid weight loss by any means necessary. If that's what you're looking for, then please know that this diet is not the one for you. But if you're looking for a great anti aging diet or a longevity diet that will make you extremely healthy and add many more youthful years to your life and possibly evem help you live to age 100 and beyond, then the Zone diet is just what you need!!

    It's Not Your Fault: Toxic Fat And Inflammation Are To Blame

    Zone diet states that many people who are obese and morbidly obese aren't the ones to blame for their condition. Dr Barry Sears, the founder of this great anti aging diet states that toxic fat and inflammation are the "bad guys" to blame. Now before you go on to dismiss Dr Sears' theory and place blame on overweight people, take into consideration that Dr Sears believes that a lack of hormonal balance in the body is what leads to obesity or even morbid obesity. Eating an anti inflammatory diet is the key to hormonal balance.

    The Zone diet is an anti inflammatory diet that keeps hormonal levels in balance, keeps you feeling full, and reverses brain aging and overall aging. It can even lead to reverse aging as it reverses inflammation, thus leading to a rejuvenation of the body on a cellular level.

    Here is a list of ways that Dr Barry Sears says will keep away or reverse inflammation:

  • consume purified fish oil; according to this diet, can reverse some kinds of brain damage and prevent Alzheimer's disease
  • eliminate or reduce the Omega 6 fatty acids (found in corn, vegetable, and sunflower oils) from your diet
  • cease or reduce the consumption of refined, cheap carbohydrates (found in breads and pastas)
  • consume high levels of polyphenols via raw fruits and vegetables (which also contain good carbohydrates and anti oxidants)

    The omega 6 fatty acids are turning on certain genes that are making you fat. Foods low in omega 6 fatty acids are olive oil, eggs, and guacamole. Those are just a few. Keeping your hormones in the "zone" is what will keep your body from getting out of wack. In other words, keeping the body in hormonal balance will keep inflammation away or at a minimum. It will keep away diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, AGING, obesity, cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, arthritis, etc.

    Also, keeping high levels of sugars, fats, salts, refined carbohydrates, and artificial ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup will keep your body in the zone and keep inflammation away!!

    Please keep in mind that the Zone diet states that inflammation can be classic inflammation (which is evident as a result of pain) and silent inflammation (which is cellular damage that can eventually lead to classic inflammation and pain). Signs of silent inflammation are being overweight or obese, if you're on drugs to reduce cholesterol levels (such as statin drugs), if your fingernails are brittle, if you're on prescription drugs to reduce hypertension (like beta blockers), or you're waking up groggy or craving carbohydrates througout the day. Dr Barry Sears has created a test to detect silent inflammation early enough to prevent it from causing major damage to the body.

    Zone diet addresses the issues of inflammation, which Dr Barry Sears (the founder of this longevity diet), believes is the root of all disease and illness. Aging is also a result of inflammation, according to this diet. Since Dr Sears' diet attacks inflammation and tries to reverse it, reverse aging can be expected.

    manuel uribe zone diet

    Zone Diet Helps World's Heaviest Man (Manuel Uribe) Lose 600 Plus Pounds

    Manuel Uribe (from Mexico), world's heaviest man, lost 600 pounds via the Zone Diet. Uribe had turned down an offer from Italian doctors to have gastric bypass surgery performed on his massive frame. Instead, Uribe opted for healthy weight loss and worked with nutritionists and doctors to set out on a goal to bring his weight down to 250 pounds. Between 2001, when he was 1320 pounds and 2008, Uribe lost almost 600 pounds on Dr Barry Sears' Diet. Uribe married his second wife, Claudia in October 2008, when Uribe weighed 700 pounds.

    According to Dr Barry Sears, "Manuel's ability to lose over 400 pounds without resorting to weight loss surgery is a remarkable achievement." Uribe's daily caloric intake was 2,000 calories per day on the Zone diet which consisted of six meals a day. Those meals often times consisted of fresh salads, egg white omelettes, chicken fajitas, bed of fresh green vegetables, and fish fillets. (Notice the foods are high in fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and good fats?)

    This should serve as proof that the Zone diet is an extraordinary diet that can lead to life extension, weight loss, weight loss detox, colon detox, liver detox, optimum hormonal balance, and a lot more wonderful results.

    Zone diet is one of the best anti aging diets and overall diets around. What my wife and I love about it is that it's one of the easier diets to commit to.